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Social Media

Did you see that post?

It is time to get connected.

Social Media is an area that can’t be ignored, because it effects every area of your marketing, even if you’re not doing it. If used correctly, social media can boost your SEO, exposure, and even convert users into customers. Used incorrectly, potential leads become lemmings, falling right off the cliff. Not used at all, you allow your competition to reap all the rewards, and potential customers who come looking for you are left to wonder if you’re even alive.

The risk.

Having a business page on social media sites can be scary for some clients. It does provide opportunity for unhappy customers to make complaints online. Reviews can be good and bad. This increases the need to consistently monitor when someone mentions your business’s social media page. We want to encourage and nurture those leaving good reviews and engage those leaving not so flattering comments.

The ultimate weapon.

Social ads can take your digital marketing to the next level, adding a sniper rifle to your marketing arsenal.

The rewards.

How you should use social and what platforms you use is going to be unique to your target and circumstances. Some channels, like Twitter, require multiple posts and immediate interaction. Others, like LinkedIn, have a much larger window of interaction, requiring a quality vs. quantity approach. Ultimately, your level of engagement will depend on your content development plan and how your target uses social.