Our Team

Dustin Storm

Chief of Stuff

If this agency offers it, he does it… except code. Strategist first. Sees things that only he can see. Might be crazy.


Whenever he isn’t thinking about clients and Storm Cloud Marketing… that doesn’t happen… so yeah. He does schedule time for his 87 children and gorgeous wife though. That’s right, “schedule.”

Candace Storm

Mother of Dragons

First of her name, the Unamused, Queen of the Budgets and Billing, Khalessi of the Great Media Sea, Breaker of Nonsense, she’s also pretty creative and has a great sense of style!


When she’s not wrangling (grown) children at work, she’s wrangling them at home (4 kids, 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 giant child husband).

Jessi Whitehead

Pink Ranger

Overseer of creative children, fashion photographer, graphics magician. She works with tidy to-do lists and uses real paper. She’s the toughest person on the team and frequently has to shake her head in disapproval.


When she’s not on a shoot or yelling at her computer, you won’t be able to find her. She wears camo.

Jon Macintosh

Digital Alchemist

Strategic mastermind, czar of web and sharpshooter of efficiency. He intentionally wears different-colored shoes with fruit-patterned shirts, so he’s clearly comfortable with chaos.


Whenever he isn’t evaluating SEO tactics or tackling web issues, you can find him receiving a dozen more to-dos in completely unrelated areas.

Shane Ross

Professor Graphics

Keeper of keyframes, wielder of bezier curves, and student of javascript jiu jitsu. He sees hexadecimal values where others see color and his favorite floating point number is 1.618.


Whenever he isn’t animating or coding you may often find him studying creative innovations in the digital realm of social media.

Derek Livingston

Shooter McVideo

Meet Mr. Livingston. He sees the world through Canon L lenses and in 4k. When he captures an image, whether it be still or moving, you can rest assured that it will have the impact of a linebacker destroying the offense.


He works harder than most and is just as organized while continually trying to improve his mad skills.

Jessica Linder

Media Ninja

Jessica hails from Germany and understands zero pop culture references. What she does understand is value and how it applies to media.


As Media Ninja, she aptly searches far and wide to find the best places for Storm Cloud Marketing clients to reach their prospects with love notes and schmetterling kisses.

Luna Storm

Cloud Canine

Much naps. So love. Wow.