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When you step into the shoes of your customers and prospects, you’ll discover that image quality is much more important than you thought.  Quality imagery shows that you care – about your product and about the customer.  Let’s face it, when you send sub-par photos out into the world, your customer shares your pain.


Some social media channels, like Instagram, are perfectly acceptable places to post photos taken with your phone, but it still needs to be “quality” in that it needs to be thoughtful.  The scene, subject, message and lighting all still matter.


The real need for commercial photography is much more than that though – it’s about what you’re communicating with the image.  How would your ideal brand present this image to your ideal customer?  How far off is the actual photo?  Do you know what you’re trying to communicate?

Here’s the kicker – producing high-quality imagery for your business isn’t difficult at all.  Storm can handle almost any photo need you may have with our commercial photography service.



You hired a new employee and need a head shot?  No prob.


You have an event coming up that you need photos of?  Done.


You need photos of your new products as they come in to post online?  Got it.


You don’t have any brand (in action) photos?  Let’s fix it.


What would you do differently if you had a commercial photography service at your fingertips?  With Storm, you can finally find out.







Examples of Commercial Photography projects

Much like our video projects, the scope of our photo work for your business will be as unique as you are.  You’re going to have very specific needs and applications for commercial photography.  A cookie-cutter approach would be nothing short of insulting.  We can’t stress enough the benefit of having an agency who does creative in-house.  The benefit is creative that plays a strategic role.  It’s not just a pretty picture – it’s a puzzle piece.  Whether it’s a product photography project for your ecommerce website, a weekly look book that you promote via social, or imagery used for emotional connection, defining the purpose and vision – knowing where in this grand marketing plan this photo fits – gives you so much more than pixels.


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