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We’ve all dreamed of hooking up an RV and leaving everything behind. Mid America RV helps people create that reality. From small teardrop campers to travel trailers, toy haulers, and even luxury RVs, they believe in offering a superior buying experience so your adventure can be trouble-free.
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Josh Schmutz, General Manager at Mid America RV, has a unique understanding of his business and its marketing needs. Aside from being a generally intelligent guy, he’s incredibly observant to his industry’s nuances, and his direct involvement with marketing and advertising throughout his career sets the table for us, the agency, to plug in and facilitate all of those marketing pieces that Josh already knows he needs.
That’s not to say that anything is “easy”. There’s a degree of difficulty and required experimentation for improvement in any marketing strategy. The RV industry is unique in that each different type of RV, whether it be a small travel trailer or large luxury fifth wheel, has it’s own “target” or buyer persona. Mid America RV carries at least FIVE different general types of RVs, each with their own subtypes; this creates a substantial amount of these buyer personas to take into consideration. Many prospective buyers know exactly what they want, but others have little to no idea as to what they are after. Then there are those that haven’t even thought about an RV yet, but owning one would be a perfect solution. Clearly, there’s a lot going on here.
We help in several areas. We run search text campaigns, through Google AdWords, to promote the types of RVs carried by Mid America RV as well as the specific manufacturers, models and competitive manufacturers and models. We run display campaigns to promote events. We run digital video, local TV, local radio and outdoor billboard campaigns promoting the competitive advantages of Mid America RV. We take photos of newly-arrived RVs. We monitor all statistics, including website analytics, to gauge effectiveness of everything we’re doing, and we use these numbers as a rudder, constantly experimenting. We’re learning something new every day, and we’re applying these lessons for a more effective tomorrow. Each event (RV shows, expos, etc.) we promote acts an enhancement to the formula we used to promote the last.
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Working with Josh and Mid America RV is always an adventure, so we pulled out a few examples that should give you a good glimpse into just how much fun we have working together.


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