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Marketing Strategy and Consulting

Let’s go for a ride.

Success requires strategy.

Marketing strategy is a constant in everything that we do. Today’s digital environment allows for more pinpoint precision than ever before. Taking the time to research and formulate a thoughtful strategy ensures that you’re intentionally using targeting to help achieve a goal and that you have systems in place to monitor and measure results and adjust course as necessary.


We will meet with you to learn as much about your business, the problem you’re solving and who you’re solving it for. Then, our team researches what your targets are really looking for and fills in any blanks to get a complete picture. Luna will probably be here as well.

Mapping the flow.

Mapping out your current flow allows us to identify areas with opportunities for improvement. We can then prioritize critical tasks that may be affecting your results right now.


Allowing the freedom to build a dream version of your marketing flow helps define the steps needed to get between here and “there”. Our team then develops a plan to work toward your “there”.


The steps, tools and time involved in getting “there” will all be variables as unique as your business. Our proposed plan will focus on maximizing both results and efficiency of resources.

Consider this:

  • Marketing Strategy development is an exploratory and experimental process.
  • It’s important that we act as partners throughout this journey, sharing information to work toward the common goal.
  • Your “there” should always be changing to continually evolve and better your business.
  • Even data-backed theories need to be tested with small-scale experiments first, then scaled as favorable results are achieved.
  • We can help formulate a marketing strategy even if we’re not the ones performing the work required to get “there”, but we would love to perform the work, too!