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We can all agree that your website is an important piece of your digital marketing strategy and having a solid web developer should be part of that strategy.  Our goal is to make your website perform its intended marketing function.  We’re not out to make you a pretty site.  We’re not out to make you a functionally fugly site.  We’re out to build you a central point for your marketing that represents your brand and facilitates all of the functions set out in your digital marketing plan.



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With the progression of platforms like WordPress, there’s no excuse for having a less-than-sexy site anymore.  Wordpress allows us to build functions and visuals without having to redesign the wheel every time, and the core components of WordPress are updated frequently to reflect changes in how people and devices see and use websites, so your site is kept fresh.  One of our very first steps when setting up a new site is to apply the styles set forth in your brand guide.  Your logo usage, colors, typography, background and accent elements must be consistent with your brand.  


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This is where we differentiate ourselves from typical web designers.  As a marketing firm who performs web design (along with a myriad of other services) in-house, we’re approaching your site with intentional functions.  Like everything else we look at, those functions will be completely unique to your business, target and dynamic.  Having an informational site that describes who you are and what you do is a bare minimum.  We must go beyond that and use the site to facilitate business functions.  Strategies like inbound marketing rely on blog content to engage users at the top of the funnel and back-end automation to help nurture leads toward becoming customers and evangelists.  eCommerce capabilities can easily be included to sell your products or services directly from your site.  


When a visitor reaches your site, you have the ability to guide them down a path of least resistance.  This can be done by leading them through a natural progression of content, and the design of your site shapes this.  When a visitor reaches the end of a page, what should happen next?  What can be done to help that happen?  Where are you taking them?


Your SEO, blogging, email marketing, social, SEM, and general digital marketing strategies all rely heavily on your website being designed to facilitate their functions.  As a marketing firm, we’re helping you to define those objectives as a part of our journey together.  The success of our work for you depends on the effectiveness of the entire plan, and the website is a huge part of that plan.  

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