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Sophie Shoes

The Sophie Shoes Look Book photo shoots are always a blast, and the Sophie models always make our job really easy. The hardest part is finding a new location each week. We started doing commercial photography for Sophie Shoes in July of 2015, then pitched and started doing the Look Book for in January of 2016. See all of the Look Books here!

Why the Look Book?

Before starting the Look Books, we were taking photos for use in social posts and ads. That’s awesome, but the path from seeing something you like in the photo to purchasing it was a little long. See the photo – go to – look for product – find product – buy product. The Look Book allows us to pin links to product pages right on the photos! See a pair of shoes you like? Hover over the pin, and you’ll see a photo and price of them, plus you can click to go straight to the product page. Boom! Now, the process is – see the photo (ad/social post) – click to open lookbook – click product – buy product. It’s not a huge savings in the process, but it IS a savings, and it feels much cleaner for the user.

We run a Facebook/Instagram digital marketing campaign targeting users who like Sophie and users connected to users who like Sophie for a varying amount of time (usually just a few days) to get the new product in front of them as quickly as possible. Sophie only carries limited quantities of each product, so timing is extremely important. The time between the Look Book photo shoot and launching the social ad campaign is usually less than 48 hours, and we do a new Look Book every other week.

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