Something really cool has happened over the past ten years with local marketing; it’s no longer “local”.  As we (the agency) have evolved to take advantage of new  relevant technologies for traditional local advertisers, this also gained us the ability to help non-traditional local businesses.  Regional, national, and worldwide products and services are being facilitated by businesses with offices on Main Street.  Everything is blending together, and it’s beautiful.
This has led to Storm Cloud Marketing getting to work with many “cool” clients whom we wouldn’t have been able to help ten years ago.  Powershades is one of those clients.
While the thought of motorized window shades is impressive enough to be a standalone business, motorized shades that can be grouped, programmed, and even integrate with Smart Home systems like Google Home and Samsung Smart Things, is just bonkers.
powershades and tony stark
Everyone secretly dreams of living in a Tony Stark world where technology makes every life 1000x easier. With Powershades, you can be one step closer. Imagine programming your shades to raise at the time you want to wake up, having them gradually adjust to the angle of the sun, or saying “hey Google, LET THERE BE LIGHT!” Imagine having your office building entirely automated with motorized shades that raise and lower to optimize energy savings.
We’ve had the ridiculous pleasure of working with Powershades on marketing development from nearly the ground up.  Website development (with custom online product order flow), custom photography and video, content, SEO, marketing funnel and automation development were all foundation needs.  
While marketing content and funnel development still continue (as they always should), strategic Google AdWords campaign development and maintenance allows us to drive traffic and optimize quality.  Traffic behavior and keyword performance also provide feedback to consider for strategy adjustments.  
Maintaining a fluid approach to the needs of today allows both Powershades and Storm Cloud Marketing to react faster and provide relevant products and services.
Check out their incredibly cool product at powershades.com.  

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