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Today’s marketing environment allows for more pinpoint precision and accountability than ever before.  That also means that more time has to be focused on researching to discover as much about your target as possible.  More time has to be spent developing thoughtful strategies to reach each target, at each phase of the funnel, across channels.  Marketing strategy is the one constant in everything that we do.


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The first conversation we have with you will be the first stage of strategy development – exploration.  We need to learn as much about you, your business, your challenges, your advantages, your target, their challenges, their values, where they get information, who they trust and what they’re looking for help with.  We don’t expect to get all of this in one sitting (far from it), but the exploratory meeting – often a consultation – should give us a 30,000 ft. macro view of what’s going on right now.  From there, our observations will show us where we need to zoom in start looking for opportunities at the micro level.  If you haven’t already, map out what’s happening with your marketing today with your current model, think about your goals, who your customers are, who you want them to be, and areas that you think you would like to begin exploring in.  


It can be as simple as comparing what is to what can be and developing a plan to get there.  The steps, resources and time involved in “getting there” will be major variables, and again, as unique as your business is.  Your strategy will never be “done,” because things change, and there are always things that you can be improving upon.  Our job, as your agency, is to help you determine which of these things will achieve the biggest impact with the resources, execute and repeat.  When you’re open to allowing us to integrate with your business in a way that gives us open access to information (sales data, etc.), we can operate as a true extension of your business and help shape decisions much quicker.  


Marketing strategy is a rabbit-hole with thousands of options at every turn.  We just have to take it slow and figure out what’s most important today.

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