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Joplin Urgent Care

One of the best times to bring an agency into the mix is when your business is already successful and stable, but you want to take it to the next level. Maybe you have new competition to consider. Maybe you’re just exploring to see what’s possible. Maybe you’re enhancing the experience for the customers you already have. In some way, you’re ready to “level up”, and that’s a situation that we (the agency geeks) get really excited about.
Dr. Brian Murphy at Joplin Urgent Care already had a successful practice. In addition to the obvious “urgent” care services, he offers weight-management services, DOT physicals and work-related services (physicals and screenings), plus he administers another clinic in Jane, Missouri. When Michelle Holloman joined Dr. Murphy’s team as Director of Marketing, she saw great potential for Joplin Urgent Care, and she shared that vision with us. It’s worth noting that Michelle is also a member of Siblings Improv here in Joplin, a group that we recruit from for fantastic on-camera talent, so we had worked with Michelle in the past and were already huge fans. Michelle knew that Joplin Urgent Care reaching its full potential would require advanced marketing strategies, and she knew that our team was capable of kicking some major marketing butt, so coffee discussions quickly turned into forward progress.
Joplin Urgent Care - Dr Brian Murphy
The team at Joplin Urgent Care is full of characters. When Michelle introduced us to Dr. Murphy, we knew (like everyone who meets Doc knows) that we were going to like working with him. He’s 100% Doc, completely confident and comfortable with the character and role he’s playing in this universe. People love genuine people, and it’s 1000x easier for us (the agency) to communicate a personality through marketing when that personality is both crystal clear and consistent. You won’t see Doc act differently in a video than in a visit with a patient. What you see in their marketing is what you get in reality. It sounds simple enough, but it’s rare. We’re fortunate to have a client roster full of genuine characters.
With an established brand and image at Joplin Urgent Care, we weren’t going to be changing much up in the way of the brand. We would be promoting the existing brand in a polished container and connecting people in the area, who are in need of applicable services, to Joplin Urgent Care. With multiple services segments, multiple “targets” exist, and each target requires unique messaging. We would need to approach each service as a completely unique campaign under the “JUC” brand umbrella.
Weight-management services and DOT physicals were the introductory priority (the services with the greatest potential for growth), so we developed the targeting for each service, messaging for each service, then deployed the messaging in ad campaigns to get in front of the targets, the people who needs Dr. Murphy’s services.
DOT physicals are a pretty straight-forward segment, but weight-management… that’s a whole different can of tamales. Weight-management is emotional. People in need of this service are making heavy decisions and weighing a billion factors. Relating to this crowd wouldn’t be easy. Enter, Colten. Colten agreed to commit to the weight-management program and allow us to document his progress. We use that progress to show other people out there considering weight-management what it’s like to actually go through the program, and Colten opens up to discuss the emotional forces at play as well.

Now, we’re focused on experimenting to optimize marketing campaigns for weight-management and DOT physicals, continuing content development as we follow Colten through his journey, and expand focus to include additional services. Deploying campaigns from scratch is always a process. From the very beginning, we monitor stats on campaigns and adjust the rudder of strategy to navigate the waters. The freedom and ability to experiment, plus a potent mixture of ideal business conditions and genuine characters, puts Dr. Brian Murphy at Joplin Urgent Care on our official “cool” project list.