Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity


We have a blast working with Scott Clayton and his crew from Habitat for Humanity of Joplin and their ReStore. Part of the reason we have so much fun is that Scott is willing to exit the norm when it comes to creative content. Normally, an agency really has to sell doing something a little crazy, but Scott actually brings his own crazy ideas to us!


We started off low-key though. One of the first videos we did with Habitat was a showcase of their home-building efforts and a lovely lady named Meri Stewart.
Later on, Scott tasked us with promoting Habitat’s ReStore to the general public. This is where the now-famous “totally different” line that you’ll hear us quoting often originated from.


The feedback from this was so great, we knew we had to bring it up another level on the follow-up spot for ReStore. More on-camera talent, special effects and a garage sale were the perfect combination!


And then, we just really went off the deep-end. I mean, there’s a crazy idea, and then there’s the territory that nobody dares to even entertain. That’s where we went with this safety video for Habitat volunteers, and since this concept was Scott’s idea, it was on us to make it a mind-blowingly awesome finished product. See the “Safety Comes 501st” video above, and you be the judge!


Our adventures with Habitat for Humanity of Joplin will most certainly continue into new forbidden territories, and we’ll continue to add the ridiculous finished products right here.


“In building 105 houses in 5 years and working with thousands of volunteers in the midst of destroyed town, you gain a certain understanding. Most often, the summation of these lessons was you can either laugh, or you can cry. And the space between the two can be a very short distance when feeling the burden of what was our state of things. There were many times of prayer and giving thanks and the tragedy was ever apparent and discouraging and sad. But, through it all, sometimes, along with working hard, you just have to laugh. And that’s what so great about working with Dustin and Matt and their team at Storm Stanley. They love a good idea and will run with it. It’s a joy to sit down and talk about how we can convey a mission, a mission that we wholeheartedly believe in, and make it fun. Storm Stanley completes quality work and will only put out something that they know is precise and on point. I always look forward to meeting with them and figuring out what we can do next.” – Scott Clayton


Find out more about Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity and ReStore.

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