Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

Let’s face it – the world has changed.  People have taken control of the content they consume, and they’re avoiding traditional (invasive) advertising at all costs.  So… what do you do?  The answer has already been revealed in this paragraph – “people have taken control of the content they consume” – so start creating content that they’ll choose to consume.  Show people that you understand who they are.  Relate to them by offering helpful articles and tools, and you’ll earn their trust.  Then, they won’t even have to think about who they will choose for the solution, because you’re already there.  That’s the essence behind Inbound Marketing.


Inbound marketing is about advertising with a magnet instead of a sledgehammer.


You may be thinking “but that sounds a lot like Content Marketing,” and you’re absolutely right, because Inbound Marketing IS Content Marketing… on steroids.  Think of Inbound Marketing as the turbocharger for content – allowing you much greater control over the lead generation, nurturing and conversion process.


A “lead” is someone who has expressed interest in you, and “lead generation” is simply the process of creating opportunities for that interest to occur.


But Lead Generation with inbound is noninvasive.  We’re simply focused on creating those opportunities by developing the content they’re looking for and making it easily accessible.


Inbound Marketing gives us great control.  We can design personalized, automated processes to make sure that every interaction a potential consumer has with your content becomes part of a managed sales funnel, resulting in educated, qualified leads for your business.  After all, that’s what it’s all about right?


Buyers Journey - Inbound Marketing


The above graphic serves as a wonderful insight into the “buyer’s journey”.  This helps to craft the kind of content that will be the best fit for the specific phase your audience is in.  You could just speak to people at the decision stage, but you’re missing an opportunity to connect with them much sooner in the process – or further UP in the funnel.  By creating content for every stage, you gain the ability to connect at the beginning of the process (or any point after) and walk them step by step (from awareness content to consideration content to decision content) all the way down the sales funnel.  By creating unbiased content that’s actually helpful, you’ll create a path of least resistance for your prospect.


Then, the game begins promoting your content (at all stages) to increase the chances of connecting with prospects who need it.  SEM and social are great tools for this!

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