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Dr. David Hargroder


The Problem

Dr. David Hargroder, author and Mini Gastric Bypass surgeon, was in a unique and challenging situation when he first met with our agency. Just a few years ago, things were going great for Dr. Hargroder. His website was receiving a large amount of traffic and a good amount of that traffic was converting into Mini Gastric Bypass patients. Then, something changed. The traffic disappeared, and as a result, so did the leads.


This deficit in traffic wasn’t the result of any one change – it was a cocktail of different problems. Dr. Hargroder’s website hadn’t been updated in awhile, but Google had. Because the website hadn’t kept up to pace with Google’s search algorithms, it was continually penalized, soon becoming outdated and “irrelevant” in the eyes of the search engine.


The Solution

Our task was to discover what happened and to figure out what we could do to restore Dr. Hargroder’s practice to it’s former glory (and kick it up a notch to take it even further)? Rebuilding the Mini Gastric Bypass website and getting back on Google’s radar was definitely a top priority.


However, restoring traffic was only half the battle. In parallel, we would need to assist Dr. Hargroder with developing more efficient systems for attracting prospects to attend Dr. Hargroder’s seminars, online education and qualification funnels, as well as on-boarding and delivering a great overall experience for his patients.


Dr. Hargroder understands more about the nuts and bolts of marketing that your average physician – or average client for that matter. He had been building his own campaigns in Infusionsoft and was involved heavily in every aspect of his marketing, so he could already see the “big picture” of how everything is connected – the current that flows through one piece into another.


The Results

Since Dr. Hargroder began working with Storm Stanley, we’ve accomplished quite a bit, but there’s always more to improve and accomplish. A mutual commitment to constant improvement has created a great working relationship for Dr. Hargroder and Storm Stanley. We can always do better, so we’re always on a mission to figure out how – to implement those changes – and to look for the next improvement.


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