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Do what you do best, and hire other people to do what they do best.
This statement might first appear to be focused on internal hiring, and it could be, but it’s actually focusing on the hiring of third parties to administer services for your business, or, in this case, our business.  Focusing your time on what you do best allows you to have the greatest possible impactto affect the most change.  So, when it comes to marketing, we of course advocate hiring our agency.  When it comes to accounting, we advocate hiring Davis CPA Group.  
Brandon Davis first came to us with news that he was leaving the comforts of his current post to brave the world on his own.  Brandon’s involvement with the business community and Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce created a great network and starting list of clients, but he knew that he would need a marketing strategy to grow his new business.
We helped by developing the brand assets for Davis CPA Group, designing the daviscpajoplin.com website, and by developing a strategy to attract and convert the types of businesses Brandon was most interested in doing business with.  Here’s a look at some of the creative fruits of this project so far:
davis cpa joplin mo - marketing by storm cloud marketingdavis cpa joplin mo - marketing by storm cloud marketingdavis cpa joplin mo - marketing by storm cloud marketing
We also hired Davis CPA Group for our accounting needs, and we couldn’t be more pleased.


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