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You’re likely hearing the word “content” thrown around a lot and wondering exactly what it means, because you’ve probably also heard it used in different ways by different people.  “Content” is a term overly-used as a blanket description for assets within your arsenal.  Each page of your website is content.  Each video, blog post, newsletter, download, email series, social post – is content.  What the word “content” will mean within your marketing strategy will depend entirely on the needs and parameters defined within that strategy.  So, if your strategy calls for video, then “content development” will heavily focus on video.  If it’s blogs, blogs.  You get the idea.


When we’re talking about content that describes your business and services – nobody knows you as well as you.  We’ll lean on you (heavily) to get the copy needed for a descriptive website.  We need you to educate us so that we can create a place to educate them (your prospects) about you.  This might be one of the most painful processes that we go through with you as a client, because it’s going to eat up a lot of your time, but it’s absolutely necessary.


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The news does get better.  When it comes to creating content to connect with your audience, you don’t need to be as involved.  We’ll already have a good baseline of information about you and your services, and we’ll use tools like SEO keyword research to find out what your prospects are out there looking for help with.  Using those two things, we can develop blog articles, videos and other tools to present them with the information that they’re already looking for.  It would be great if you could write every blog yourself, but we don’t expect that to be a realistic scenario.  Instead, we provide a specific set of parameters to local and national writers who generate the content that speaks to your audience’s needs.


The more the merrier


When it comes to content, you can never have enough.  Every blog article, video, free download, email series (and so on) is another opportunity to connect with someone looking for exactly that piece.  You’ll learn quickly through keyword research that there’s an infinite list of topics to go after, so content development has to be an ongoing process.  There’s a silver lining though – it’s cumulative!  Blogs don’t disappear at the end of the month, they become part of your arsenal, and you can pull them out as often as you like (rather, as often as is relevant).  The more weapons (pieces of content) you have in the arsenal, the more options you have to share and promote on social, with ads, etc., and the more chances you have to connect with the people who are already out there looking.


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There’s likely a collection of content laying around that you don’t even realize yet.  How many things that you’re already going could simply be documented and used as content?  The latest trends take advantage of this scenario and preach “stop trying to create – document”.  The world doesn’t need to see you eating a turkey sandwich on your lunch break, but seeing a video that highlights the impact of your efforts on any given day could give them insight into they “why” of what you do and show them what working with you would actually look like.  On that note, be you – don’t pretend to be something completely different.  People can see through BS, and when someone does choose to work with you, you want them to have an experience consistent with (or an improvement upon) their expectations.


Content is everything, literally, and you’ll never have enough.


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