Columbia Bicycles


Columbia Bicycles was the maker of America’s FIRST bicycle and the only manufacturer allowed to continue production during the war (and to make bikes for the military). With a classic, vintage style, these bikes are iconic, and so is the brand. Storm Stanley is fortunate enough to be tasked with helping Columbia Bicycles reemerge into the world and establish a digital presence.

Columbia Bicycles

Our first conversation with Columbia was in response to an inquiry on social marketing. It would’ve been easy enough to help them launch a social ad campaign, but we didn’t feel this was the right thing to do. We performed an audit on their current digital experience and determined that, until a true “experience” was created, conversions on paid ads would suffer. If we first created an experience worthy of the Columbia brand, THEN began promoting, the visitors we attract would have a much better chance at converting. Columbia agreed.

From the initial web design, we now enter into the promotion phase, focusing on social, SEM (search engine marketing), in-store experience (retailers) and planning a Columbia Bicycles Tour.

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