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Atlas Safe Rooms

Atlas Safe Rooms manufactures and sells modular, above-ground steel-panel storm shelters throughout the U.S., but they’re headquartered right here with us in Joplin, Missouri and have storm shelter showrooms in Joplin, Tulsa, Edmond and OKC.



Atlas already had a good grip on their traditional media, but with no staff dedicated full-time to digital marketing, an exploration further into this arena meant a partnership with Storm Cloud Marketing. The storm shelter industry is extremely competitive, so a great deal of our strategy for them focuses on SEO. We’ve also developed a new web design, which is constantly evolving to flow better with customer needs. We can determine what needs to change by actually recording visitor sessions on the website, then watching them back and looking for any areas that they get tripped up or don’t find what they’re looking for easily – and fix it. We also utilize inbound marketing, creating useful content to attract visitors to the site and deploying automation for any interactions they may take. The marketing material integrates directly with the sales team, giving Atlas better insight into what specific customers are looking for and when they’re looking at it. Content creation for inbound marketing typically involves the majority of services that we offer at Storm Stanley – from graphic design and video production all the way to social media deployment.


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