We all see things in our daily personal and business lives that make us think “this would be so much better if… “.  We’ve discovered some huge areas of opportunity in the marketing and advertising worlds, and if we have the power to affect that change, and to create a new service in the process, we’re going to jump on it.  One such innovation is a project we call Spotter.




Surprisingly, the way traditional local media hasn’t changed in… ever.  Spotter brings the process of buying local advertising into the 21st century by making all ad spaces within a market available to advertisers on a single web-based platform.  Imagine being able to build your local TV and radio schedules, at the same time, on a single website, at 3am in your underwear.  That’s our vision for what Spotter can achieve for you – the advertiser.  This is also hugely beneficial to local media, because it makes their ad spaces more accessible.  By making traditional local ad spaces easier to buy, we can level the playing field a bit for local media (vs digital), and make it easier for advertisers to include local in their ad strategies.  Learn more about Spotter.


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